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North Sulawesi located in Northern part of Sulawesi (Celebes) island, Indonesia.
With capital city is Manado. The area were consisted highland & mountains topography and consisted a large tropical rain forest, surounding by beautiful beaches and sea were rich animals and corals of marine lifes. Alfred Russel Wallace a naturalist/observer,1861 in his notes "one of the prettiest in the east"

More cultural and natural wildlife of ecotourism, one of the best 10 tourism destination in Indonesia, Manado city were 10 times a week airflight from Singapore and 13 times a week from China. With support of Sam Ratulangi international airport, one of international gateway into Indonesia. The history of Manado city in the 16-18 century were important logistic point of the spices hunter and traders, from Europe for their looking a spices in Molucca islands. First contact with outsider in the15th century, when the Spanish and Portuguese were arrived.

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Manado Tour and Trip, an Indonesian provide tour operator in North Sulawesi island (Celebes), located in capital city of North Sulawesi, Manado.

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